Overnight Yacht Stay

Magical Overnight Stay on Sydney Harbour

The Space

We will pick you up at Lavender Bay wharf and take you out to our mooring for the overnight stay. As part of the check-in, the skipper will show you through the yacht and explain to you how everything works. 

In the morning, we will come and take you back to the wharf to drop you off.

Check-in time is 7pm during daylight saving and 530pm otherwise.
Check-out time is usually 930am but can be flexible depending on other bookings.
If you are doing the morning or sunset tours along with your stay, then the check-in/check-out times will vary.

Equipped with a spacious saloon, two cabins, bathroom and large shaded cockpit suitable for outdoor dining, All features that make this yacht the perfect getaway.

Since the yacht is in commercial survey, we have safety gear for all on board including fire extinguishers, life jackets, life rings and inflatable torch.

- You’ll need some food for dinner and breakfast. There are no cooking facilities so we recommend that you bring food that is ready to eat (think of it as a picnic on a yacht). We have fridge on board that you can use
- Drinks (alcohol is fine)
- Swimming Gear
- Camera

- Toiletries

Please limit your bags to one soft bag per person (plus your food and drinks) and please wear soft-soled (non marking) shoes. Please don’t wear heels, black shoes or suitcases as it causes significant damage to the fibreglass.


• What is a mooring?
A mooring is a buoy in the middle of the bay. Hence, the yacht is not at a marina, where you can easily walk on and off the yacht.

• Do I need a boating licence or boating experience?
Not at all. Our skipper will drive the yacht during the sailing tours and to get on and off the mooring. You are welcome to join in when we are sailing to help crewing and take control of the helm as well.

• Can we get off the boat?
Yes, you can certainly go for a swim. However, since the yacht is on a mooring, getting onto dry land isn't straightforward. If you do need to get off the yacht in the evening, water taxis can pick you up from the boat and drop you back on the wharf

• Will staying on the yacht be safe?
Absolutely! The yacht is brand new and equipped with all the safety equipment since it is in commercial use and NSW Maritime have very strict regulations in that regard.

• Will I get sea sick?
It depends. Most people that stay on the yacht have no problems on the overnight stay but if you are inclined to sea sickness, we do recommend that you take some sea sickness pills with you just in case.

• What are the facilities like?
We have a 150L water tank on board. Electricity is supplied by two batteries on board. There are no power points that you can use so please bring a portable power bank if you need to charge phones overnight.  Since we have limited resources in terms of water, electricity and waste/toilet disposal facilities, please bear that in mind and use only what you need

• What about children?
We are happy to have kids on board. However, they must weigh more than 20kg since thats the size of the approved life jacks that we have on board. So unfortunately, that means no infants and toddlers.

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